Monday, 13 March 2017

My Take on the 2017 Goa Assembly Election and its Results

This below is a post I have adapted from a Facebook post of mine. I felt it needed to "have a longer run" than be a soon-to-be-forgotten FB post!
As I look back on the events of the last 3 months or so, and especially, over the last couple of days, there are several observations I have made. There are also several issues I'd like to point out to those who are FURIOUS at the turn of events. Let us step back and analyse this calmly.
First, let us ALL get one thing straight: ALL political parties, everywhere in the world, run (nay, THRIVE) on Money and Power. This is not going to change. It has been this way since time immemorial! Only the percentage changes from one party to another.
Second, only those with a certain amount of Experience can go all the way and expect to Win, due to their familiarity with both the process and the electorate.
Third, new entrants need to give themselves and others some Time. You cannot just jump into the fray and wish to bring about miracles in a society and a system that has been ruined by several decades of corrupt rule.
Fourth, smaller parties will ALWAYS be at the mercy of the larger ones. There will ALWAYS be compromises and "horse trading". Coalitions have been common for a great many years now!
Fifth - and here, I come to the point - in the case of Goa in these elections, the hung assembly verdict is unfortunate. But, we ALL expected it anyway, right? Everyone KNEW what the results were going to throw up! The Congress should've immediately called for a meeting, elected a Head, and got on with the process of staking a claim. Yet, that did not happen - for whatever reason. Maybe their focus was more on Punjab or UP?
Sixth, when the BJP saw the Congress Party's inability to secure support (mainly thanks to its stubborn stance on certain issues), it took advantage of the situation. I see NOTHING wrong in this at all. As for the Independent and smaller party candidates who won, let us give them some credit where it's due. They fought a free and fair election, won, and were waiting to be given a chance to lead and be part of a governing body.
Let us give them all a chance. No point in bickering over any of this. Let the BJP and its allies form the government; let the Congress be an able and efficient Opposition. We need stability. In these uncertain times and strife across the world, our entire nation needs stability.
Everyone knows my political leanings. I don't want to be called names (if I am called a brainless Bhakt, I can also turn around and call people AAPtards and Congis, mind ya!)...I don't want any "Likes" on FB either, for I am well aware my ordinary posts with food pics get more likes than serious posts :-) I just want YOU to take a few minutes to read this long post and get into an introspective mood. Thanks. Jai Hind!

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