Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Village Trip

From afar, we saw them –
Cheerful, gay and clothed in various hues,
The women were waiting outside their second home.
The eldest among them opened our bus door
To welcome us warmly
And embrace us with their collective love!

We bent our heads down
To enter their humble workplace
Rows upon rows of near-rusty sewing machines
Yet, on the walls hung their vibrant creations –
Bags, pouches, gift baskets, iPhone cases
Short of imagination they weren’t, for sure!

The sharp contrast hit the visitors
For how grateful these women were
For the little nothings they possessed!
The children, more than happy with an old tricycle
Donated by a mother whose child was now a teenager.
Sometimes, it’s the small things in Life that matter…

(Composed in Panchgani, October 2015)

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