Saturday, 25 August 2012

Living Alone in Koramangala - Part 5

Some people never learn...or so I am led to believe, after the recent turn of events in my neighbourhood! Despite the Police giving a "last warning" to both the labourers and the neighbours constructing the house, workers are continuing to carry on their chores outside the house I am renting out. This morning, when I shouted at them, after great reluctance, they moved to a different part of the street.

However, about an hour and a half today (2:30pm IST), I heard loud noises emanating from close quarters...once again. When I looked out of the window, I was horrified to see that the same labourer who had been caught peering into my house 8 days ago was back, and had laid out steel rods outside the house. When I asked them to go away, the workers (especially this man with proven criminal intentions) backanswered me and tried to justify that they were using one half of the street only? Well, even that half happens to be alongside the width of this particular house...

I called the Police again and have waited for a bit more than an hour. NO RESPONSE? I am going to leave a few things unsaid here about what might be:-) The good news is the workers have moved their materials to the site itself and working there. But, despite the spate of murders of single women living alone, is this going to be the reaction of the local Police here? I am going to continue keeping them informed so that there is a trail of calls from me to them. I am doing all the rights things as a citizen of this country. If authorities let down honest citizens and listen only to those who are willing to bypass the law of the country, surely there are other means to deal with such people?

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