Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Living Alone in Koramangala - Part 3

So, there was a security scare last Friday...and things have not changed. The labourer in question has not been asked to mend his ways or stop coming to carry out construction work. This Wednesday morning, when I went to get my paper and switch off the outside light, the same labourer went to a section of the street from where he could look into the house through the main door, even though I had it open only just enough to get in and turn the key. Mr. P's workers have spread out the metal rods outside the stretch of the street outside the house I am renting, so it gives them a good excuse to hang around outside this property. This kind of intimidation and harrasment from Mr. P and his workers will not be taken lightly. Sometime between today and Friday, I will be dropping in at the Koramangala police station to enquire about how to deal with this menace. I am still up nights and go to bed at dawn.

I am stuck to this place till my 6 months are up, due to the locked-in period on the tenancy agreement. I would have ideally liked to get out ASAP due to the security problems brought on by Mr. P and his labourers, whose credentials have not been checked. my houseowner called yet again this afternoon to say she cannot be back in this country till October. She has said she wants our own relations to be cordial. She is OK with me taking any action against Mr. P (she was earlier against me approaching the Police).

If anyone reading this is able to tell me exactly how/whom to contact, I would be happy! My request to all those reading this is to forward the blog's link to anyone and everyone...Bangalore may be the IT capital of India, but nothing has changed for single women...The above incidents are testimony to my declaration.

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